"The day somebody stole my smile" - Roya Klingner - Riad, 3. Mrz. 2011

Once I was a child, a gifted child,
curios and bright, looking for love,
happiness and light.
A hug was an ocean of warmth.
A kiss a mystery in endless draft of love.
My friend a silent plastic mouse,
his name was joky.
I felt most of the time alone,
misunderstood, unhappy and down.
I think somebody stole my smile.
I tried to find it,
but how could I smile,
when there are so many unfair things around?
I followed my goal,
opened my eyes.
Started to find other people with a smile.
To find the secret, why they can smile
and I still have to find it.
I found myself on a way, an endless way,
some people called it life...
Thats my way and I will find my smile,
I said to myself.
On my way, to find the joy of life,
I opened my eyes, tried to be awake.
The way is stony, the goal is clear
but where is my smile?
Do I need help or can I somehow find it alone?
I asked myself, in silence of darkness.
Suddenly the sound of childrens laughter tickelt my ears.
Did I sleep on my way?
No more sleeping is allowed!
Be wary!
Why are you laughing? I asked those children.
They looked in my face, in my eyes, on my mouth,...
Thats easy, because of fun,
answered me the children with a smile.
What is fun?! I asked myself,
moving, moving, walking, walking,
silent and willing, pensive and stern,
on my way to find my smile...
Did the fun steal my smile?...
or should I change my way to get my smile?...
1000 questions going up down in my mind.
The way is long, the goal is clear,
but where the hell could be my smile?!
My heart was full of pain,
the memories of unhappy days,
why and why?...but who cares?
The way is here anyway, stony and dark,
you are alone, because everybody tries to keep his smile,...
no care, no brothery, no more fun on this endless way,
no more stars to light up my dark..
.Oh my, oh my,...
Should I give up and cry?
No more searching to find my smile?...
A low voice deep in my heart said to me:
No! Dont give up,
if you try to make the children smile,
you will find your own smile...
That lit my mind, motivated me not to stop...
Lets make the children smile!...
The true happiness is along this way.
Now the goal is clearer, closer, closer.
The way is easier to walk,
not much longer.
I dont care to be alone,
I dont care, who stole my smile.
I will make the children smile...

Titel: Mein hochbegabtes Kind" - Roya Klingner - Freising, 27.Juni.2008


Ich sitze da und denke nach,

ber Himmel und Weltuntergang.

ber Sinn und ber Unsinn,

ber alles was ich kann.

Manchmal frage ich so sehr,

Manchmal denke ich so schnell,

Manchmal fllt es mir so schwer,

Manchmal langweilt mich so sehr,

Manchmal lachen die mich aus,

Ach, wie sehr ich das Hass,

Da mchte ich schreien, die ganze Welt mal fragen.

Ist da jemand der uns Herz und Hoffnung schenkt?

Ist da jemand der unsere Gabe begehrt?

Ist da jemand der uns zur Seite steht?

Klopft auf meine Schulter sanft,

Sei nicht traurig denn ich wei,

Du bist was! Ja du bist was!

Was bei uns Begabte heit,

dein Talent und dein Flei,

dein gutes Gedchtnis das passt,

denn du bist was! Ja du bist was!"


Title: "My highly gifted child"

I sit and think,

Of heaven and of the world.

On Sense and nonsense

About all I can.

Sometimes I ask so much

Sometimes I think so fast

Sometimes I find it so difficult

Sometimes I get bored so much

Sometimes laughing at me,

Oh, how I hate,

Since I want to scream,

ask the whole world again.

Is there anyone who gives us heart and hope?

Is there someone the gift of our desires?

Is there anyone of us is at your side?

Knock gently on my shoulder,

"Do not be sad because I knowYou are what!

Yes you are what!

What we say gifted,

your talent and your hard work,

your good memory fits

that because you are what!

Yes you are what! "